How to Calculate and order your cladding quantities.

Customer information: "How To Calculate the amount of Enviro Clad product needed" see below.

Board Calculator:- Click to view our board .

You can simply type in your square metre coverage into our board calculator above or calculate your requirements yourself by following the instructions below:-

1. The customer needs to measure the area to be Cladded using a "Square Metres" measurements.

2. Generally this is done by "Multiplying the Length of the area by the Width, this gives you the Total Square Metres required”.

3. You also need to "Factor in the Cut Wastage" which the above does not include i.e. "Cut Wastage from Pitched Elevations etc"

4. Measure your "Windows & Doors" within this area separately.

5.Then subtract the "Windows & Doors" calculation from the "Total Square Metres measurement".

6. The "The Total Square Metres measurement" is then “Divided by 0.488” which gives you the "Total number of boards required".

7."Example only of calculation":- (100 Square Metres ÷ by 0.488 = 204.91 boards required).

8. Environmental Coatings (U.K.) Limited cannot be held responsible for shortages or over-ordering.

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