Water Based Wood Paints & Wood Stains

Remmers Waterbased Wood Stains and Wood Paints are an excellent alternative to traditional Alkyd Oil Paints. Their advanced formulas and longevity of maintenance mean they offer a unique alternative to Alkyd Oil Paints with superior resistance to cracking, peeling and flaking.

Remmers Waterbased Wood Paints are amongst the most advanced wood protection products on the market. We are confident that you will be delighted with the performance which can provide up to 6 years protection.

The Self Priming and Undercoating products save time, effort and money, even on bare wood. Their outstanding formula needs no primer or undercoat yet does not compromise on protection or finish. The Waterbased Wood Paint Finishes can also be used directly over prepared existing gloss paint or wood stain, without the need for stripping back or an additional primer.

Remmers Waterbased Wood Stain and Finishes can be used internally for all Wooden Joinery including Furniture and Flooring, and Externally for Wooden Windows, Wooden Doors, Wooden Claddings, Wooden Garden Furniture, Wooden Gates, Wooden Pergolas and Wooden Decking.

The products in Remmers Waterbased Wood Stain and Finishes portfolio, maintain the natural beauty of the wood and are all long lasting and extremely durable. All Wooden Joinery whether Internal or External requires an excellent and immaculate finish that Remmers achieve every time.

Remmers Waterbased Wood Stain and Finishes are continuously being monitored and improved by their Research and Development Laboratories. This ensures that Remmers Water-based Wood Stain and Finishes remain first class in terms of technology and performance, while demonstrating high environmental qualifications that meet the rigorous demands of all legislation including VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions.

MAINTENANCE – These products require very little maintenance. Their unique formula have been geared to erode minimally and naturally over time so that when redecorating is required a simple clean and re-coat will ensure optimum protection with very little further preparation.

Remmers Industrial and Domestic Wood Finishing Products are a leading European manufacturer and are committed to providing the best in Technical and cost-effective ways to wood finishing solutions.