Woodstains for Log Homes & Garden Buildings

Remmers Woodstains for Log Homes and Garden Furniture

Anyone with minimal experience in Wood Staining to timber can use Remmers Coatings, they are user friendly and environmentally compatible, (you do not need to be an expert).

  1. The most important factors for preparation of wooden logs before applying a Remmers Wood Stain is to remove all dirt and debris by washing with potable water.
  2. Any stubborn Oil or Grease marks can be removed with Cellulose thinners then neutralised with water.

Remmers Woodstains and Paints for Log Cabins perform exceptionally well and keep maintenance costs down throughout the years.

Remmers Woodstains and Paints are designed to suit the unpredictable Weather conditions experienced in today's environments.

Remmers Woodstains and Paints finishes are not the cheapest in the market place but in our experience will require the least amount of maintenance based on our 33 years of experience coating and restoring log homes, log cabins and commercial wooden buildings of all sizes and shapes.

Remmers Woodstains and Paints also offer an unmatched 5 year warranty on log home woodstains, when applied properly and maintained in accordance with the coating manufacturers instructions.