Illustaration showing the completed saturation coat of Remmers GW-306 Basestain to softwood wiondow frames. ..
Hi, Due to the COVID-19 pandemic deliveries will not be dispatched for a minimum of 3 weeks.  During this time we will still be taking online orders. We're still open online. We wish you the very best during these uncertain times. Environmental Coaitings. ..
We get asked questions from time to time about our process, and the stages that go into some of the work we do. We recently sprayed someones Garage doors on site, and wanted to show some step by step pictures showing how we spray things on site. Phase 1 - fully mask the area. Phase 2 - Further prep and masking Phase 3 - Paint and Demask Im sure you can all agree, this looks GREAT and there has been no damage, oversrpray or contamination of anything around of near these freshly painted garage doors. ..