Restoration Project of Degraded Teak Wooden Garden Furniture.

Timber Decking & Wooden Garden Furniture, most of which from “New” are coated with either Wood Oils or an inferior D.I.Y woodstain, that does not quite do what it says on the Tin!

As time goes by, these inferior coatings wear off, thus your furniture will now be exposed to the damaging weather elements like sunlight, high moisture saturations and air borne pollutions etc, these weather elements will definitely cause damage to the Timber substrates degrading and damaging it.

Before you can restore your wooden furniture perfectly, it is important that you first indentify the furniture’s existing degraded finish. This way, you will determine the correct way to remove and restore the beauty of your wooden garden furniture.


  • Some degraded wood oils and inferior woodstains will simply “Pressure Wash off the surface”.
  • Others are more stubborn and need mechanical or hand sanding.
  • Chemical stripping with the added assistance of a “Pressure Washer” to remove the activated chemical applications and neutralise the chemical residue.


A word of warning when Chemical Strip assistance is used:

  1. Always use the correct Personal Protection Equipment “PPE’s”
  2. Always follow the stripping products manufacturer’s application and safety instructions.
  3. Always conduct these works away from Water Courses, Animals, Children and Aquatic Areas.
  4. Always dispose of the debris and waste created by the stripping in the appropriate manner and be guided by the stripping products manufacturer’s recommendations 



Remmers Coatings from Germany have developed a product called OW-815 Special Waterborne Decking Product that doubles up to allow the end user to coat most Garden Structures made from Timber, this product alleviates the need to keep on coating as with the inferior existing Wood Oils etc, unless of course you enjoy the tedious job of preparing and re-coating these items on a regular basis!!”




Posted by Ray Wright

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