Factory Spray Finishing

Spray Finishing at our premises in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Our Fully Equipped Spray Finishing facility in Mansfield is where we offer the service for the application of Remmers Coatings to Timber Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Claddings in Timber, Cementitious, Calcium Silicate, PVCu and many other substrates.

Remmers Coatings are low maintenance and have an excellent in service life, and comply with regulations on VOC emissions, health and safety and environmental responsibility and provide an optimum finish. All of our in house spray applications are bespoke by skilled craftsmen using WIWA spray equipment.

Key Benefits of our in house Spray applications:

  1. For customers who haven’t the space or time to set up a spray, dipping or extraction equipment facility.
  2. Remmers Waterborne Joinery Coatings produce a truly bespoke first class finish.
  3. Fast and effective turn around of products delivered back to you with care and quality assured.
  4. Factory applications to Calcium Silicate Claddings have a 10 year Erosion warranty.

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