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Colour Mixing Department

Environmental Coatings are proud to announce our new investment into tinting of all Remmers Waterborne Coatings with the Flex500 for Tinting and the Corob Clever-Mix Gyroscopic Paint Mixing machine.

With this new technology we are able to Tint colours from many colour ranges such as RAL Classic, RAL Design, NCS (Natural Colour System), BS4800 and Remmers own unique blends.

The Translucent Woodstain range from the original Pine, Hemlock, Teak, Light, Medium and Dark Oak, Teak, Mahogany, through to Ebony with many combinations and special blends between.

We can also blend and create client specific colour requests, thus creating a unique colour individuality that will ensure your project is totally unique.

  • Coatings can be tinted and ready for collection or delivery within hours, “excepting special colours”.
  • We deliver throughout the UK to Site Developments or your Home.
  • Orders received can be tinted and dispatched the same day if ordered before 11.30am “excepting special colours”.
  • The minimum order for Tinting is 5Lts in Joinery Products and 2.5Lts in Decorative Brush applied products.

Tint Room

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